This is the amalgamated data from three Mullard Data books from the late '20s to late 30's. I believe it covers all the valves Mullard made for domestic receivers between 1925 and 1937. Only those valves in current production, with full or half page data are listed. Valves still in production or stock for re-valving are not listed here. Much of it is not available elsewhere on the web as far as I know. The sources are:

Each file is an A4 sized PDF, suitable for printing.

Valve    1929-31       1933-4       1937-8    Valve Type
054V p42     Power Triode
104V p41     Low Impedance Triode
164V p40     Medium Impedance Triode
2D13C     p51 Double Diode Detector
2D2     p10 Double Diode Detector
2D4A     p25 Double Diode Detector
2D4B     p25 Double Diode Detector
354V p39 p25 p27 Medium Impedance Triode
4002/4002A     p66 p67 Oscillograph Tube
4687     p62 Voltage Stabiliser
904V p38 p24   High Magnification Detector
A41-G4/B4     p68 p69 Oscillograph Tube
AC042     p34 Power Triode
AC044 p47 p35 p34 Power Triode
AC064 p46     Power Triode
AC104 p45     Power Triode
AP4     p56 Acorn Pentode
AT4     p57 Acorn Triode
DA1     p58 Medium Impedance Triode
DA2     p59 Low Impedance Triode
DO10 p48     Power Triode
DO20 p49     Power Triode
DO24 p50 p36 p36 Power Triode
DO25 p51     Power Triode
DO26   p37 p37 Power Triode
DO60 p52 p38   Power Triode
DO75 p53 p39   Power Triode
DW2 p60 p42 p39 Full Wave Rectifier
DW3 p61 p43   Directly Heated Full Wave Rectifier
DW4 p62 p44   Directly Heated Full Wave Rectifier
DW4/350     p39 Full Wave Rectifier
DW4/500     p39 Full Wave Rectifier
DW5 p63     Full Wave Rectifier
DW6 p64     Full Wave Rectifier
E40-G3     p64 p65 Oscillograph Tube
E41-G4/B4     p70 p71 Oscillograph Tube
E42-G6/B6     p72 p73 Oscillograph Tube
E46-12     p76 p77 Television Tube
E46-G10/B10     p74 p75 Oscillograph Tube
FC13C     p47 Octode Frequency Changer
FC2     p5 Octode Frequency Changer
FC2A     p3 p6 Octode Frequency Changer
FC4     p22 Octode Frequency Changer
HL13C     p50 Medium Impedance Triode
HL20   p50   Detector Triode
HVR1     p60 High Voltage Rectifier
HVR2     p60 High Voltage Rectifier
IW2   p45   Indirectly Heated Full Wave Rectifier
IW3   p46   Indirectly Heated Full Wave Rectifier
IW3     p40 Full Wave Rectifier
IW4/350     p40 Full Wave Rectifier
IW4/500     p40 Full Wave Rectifier
M46-12     p78 Television Tube
M46-15     p79 Television Tube
Pen20   p52   Output Pentode
Pen36C     p41 p53 High Sensitivity Output Pentode
Pen428     p32 Output Pentode
Pen4DD     p31 Double Diode Output Pentode
Pen4V p43 p28   Pentode
Pen4VA   p29   Pentode
PenA4     p29 Output Pentode
PenB4     p30 Output Pentode
PM12 p4     Screened Grid Tetrode
PM12A   p6 p7   Screened Grid Tetrode
PM12M   p8   Multi Mu Screened Grid Tetrode
PM14 p17     Screened Grid Tetrode
PM16 p25     Screened Grid Tetrode
PM1A p6     High Impedance Triode
PM1DG p5     Double Grid Triode(s)
PM1HF p7     Medium Impedance Triode
PM1HL p8 p9   Detector Triode
PM1LF p9     Medium Impedance Triode
PM2 p11     Power Triode
PM202 p13 p13   Super Power Triode
PM22 p15 p15   Output Pentode
PM22A   p14 p14 Output Pentode
PM22D     p15 High Sensitivity Output Pentode
PM24 p23     Output Pentode
PM24A p55     Output Pentode
PM24B p56     Output Pentode
PM24C p57     Output Pentode
PM24D p58     Output Pentode
PM24M   p34 p35 Output Pentode
PM252 p14     Super Power Triode
PM254 p22     Super Power Triode
PM256 p31     Super Power Triode
PM256A p32     Super Power Triode
PM26 p33     Output Pentode
PM2A p12 p12 p13 Power Triode
PM2B   p16 p17   Double Power Triode
PM2DX p10 p10   Detector Triode
PM2HL     p12 Medium Impedance Triode
PM3 p19     Medium Impedance Triode
PM3A p18     High Impedance Triode
PM4 p21     Power Triode
PM4DX p20     Super Detector
PM5D p27     Medium Impedance Triode
PM5V p26     High Impedance Triode
PM5X p28     Medium Impedance Triode
PM6 p30     Power Triode
PM6D p29     Super Detector
QP22A     p16 Double Pentode
S4V p35     Screened Grid Tetrode
S4VA p36     Screened Grid Tetrode
S4VB p37     Screened Grid Tetrode
SD4   p27   Diode Tetrode
SP13C     p49 H.F. Pentode
SP2     p9 H.F. Pentode
SP20   p49   Screened Pentode
SP4   p23   Screened Pentode
SP4B     p24 H.F. Pentode
TDD13C     p52 Double Diode Triode
TDD25   p51   Double Diode Triode
TDD2A     p11 Double Diode Triode
TDD4   p26 p26 Double Diode Triode
TH13C     p44 Triode Hexode Frequency Changer
TH21C     p45 Triode Hexode Frequency Changer
TH22C     p46 Triode Hexode Frequency Changer
TH4     p20 Triode Hexode Frequency Changer
TH4A     p17 p21 Triode Hexode Frequency Changer
TSP4     p61 High Slope T.V. H.F. Pentode
TT4     p28 Low Impedance Triode
TV4     p19 Tuning Indicator
TV6     p43 Tuning Indicator
UR1C     p54 Half Wave Rectifier
UR3C     p54 Double Rectifier
VP13C     p48 Vari-Mu H.F. Pentode
VP2     p7 Vari-Mu H.F. Pentode
VP20   p48   Screened Pentode
VP2B     p8 Hexode Mixer
VP4   p22   Multi Mu Screened Grid Pentode
VP4B     p23 Vari-Mu H.F. Pentode

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