This small (53/8" x 31/4") booklet contains data sheets for 55 valves, including 2, 4, and 6 volt battery valves, full wave rectifiers and directly heated output and indirectly heated, mains valves. The inclusion of pentode valves means that it was produced after 1928 and the illustration of the valves with top marking and logos confirms this. The number of valves that had become obsolescent by the time of the printing of the 1933-4 Master Valve Guide or had been removed altogether make me think it was probably issued some time in the period from 1929-31. Each sheet has maximum and/or preferred operating conditions and a graph of some characteristic.

This is the index page for pdf page scans of this databook. It is arranged in three sections:

Valve Data

354V Detector Triode
054V Power Triode
104V Low Impedance Triode
164V Medium Impedance Triode
354V Super Detector
904V Medium Impedance Triode
AC044 Power Triode
AC064 Power Triode
AC104 Power Triode
DO10 Power Triode
DO20 Power Triode
DO24 Power Triode
DO25 Power Triode
DO60 Power Triode
DO75 Power Triode
DW2 Full Wave Rectifier
DW3 Full Wave Rectifier
DW4 Full Wave Rectifier
DW5 Full Wave Rectifier
DW6 Full Wave Rectifier
Pen4V Output Pentode
PM12 Screened Grid Tetrode
PM14 Screened Grid Tetrode
PM16 Screened Grid Tetrode
PM1A High Impedance Triode
PM1DG Double Grid Triode(s)
PM1HF Medium Impedance Triode
PM1HL Medium Impedance Triode
PM1LF Medium Impedance Triode
PM202 Super Power Triode
PM22 Output Pentode
PM24 Output Pentode
PM24A Output Pentode
PM24B Output Pentode
PM24C Output Pentode
PM24D Output Pentode
PM252 Super Power Triode
PM254 Super Power Triode
PM256 Super Power Triode
PM256A Super Power Triode
PM26 Output Pentode
PM2A Power Triode
PM2DX Power Triode
PM2DX Super Detector
PM3 Medium Impedance Triode
PM3A High Impedance Triode
PM4 Power Triode
PM4DX Super Detector
PM5D Medium Impedance Triode
PM5V High Impedance Triode
PM5X Medium Impedance Triode
PM6 Power Triode
PM6D Super Detector
S4V Screened Grid Tetrode
S4VA Screened Grid Tetrode
S4VB Screened Grid Tetrode

Other Articles and Tables

2-volt Battery Valves p3
4-volt A.C. Pentodes p54
4-volt I.H. A.C. Valves p34
4-volt Battery Valves p16
6-volt Battery Valves p24
Automatic Grid Bias p66 p67 p68 p69 p70
Contents p2
D.H. A.C. Output Valves p44
Foreword p1
Full Wave Rectifiers p59
H.F. Oscillation in L.F. Amplifiers - Cures p77
H.F. Oscillation in L.F. Amplifiers - Symptoms and Causes p76
L.F.Amplifier Circuits p71 p72 p73 p74 p75
Technical Appendix Contents p65

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