G3YNH.info   Glow discharge tubes & spark gaps

Overview, Paschen's Law, types of tube, operating characteristics.
Using a UV-Visible-IR spectrometer to examine the light from gas discharge tubes
Inductor resonance and self-resonance experiments
Using low-pressure gas ionisation for visualisation of the RF field patterns
The Art of Discharge Tube Making,
by Peter Jameson
PSU with tubes Power Supplies for +ve column light sources.

Positive Column Light Sources & Accessories

Pohl tube Evacuatable Discharge Tubes
(Pohl tube, etc.).
Glow start Hg vapour lamps
Glow switches(bimetallic starter and bypass tubes)
+ some notes on electronic FL starters.
'Cold cathode' sign tubes ('neon' signs).
Siemens Sieray Hg lamp Siemens Sieray Hg lamp
Soviet SVD-120 Hg tube
Hanovia HomeSun Hanovia Home Sun
caution Harmful fused silica UV 'Sun' lamp.
Sodium lamp Sodium Lamps: LP-Na SOX and HP-Na SON
Xe tube Xenon-arc flash tubes & quench tubes .
Spectrum tubes Spectrum tubes

Cathode Glow Light Sources

Gas-filled glow lamps (cathode-glow lamps)
Nixie & other numerical & symbol indicator tubes
Counting tubes - bulk gas discharge using RF excitation.
XL601 hollow cathode glow modulator
Hollow cathode AAS sources
Unstable cathode-glow & the flickering flame-effect neon

Trigger Tubes (Strobotrons, Thyratrons)

Neon Strobotrons, NSP1, NSP2 = CV2296
Cold cathode Thyratrons, XC11 = CV2257 , G240/2D = CV2174.
  Raytheon RX232 trigger tube
  Triggered spark gap
24B9 Trigatron

T/R Switches & Lightning Arresters

T/R Cell Radar T/R cells
4378 Lightning Arrester 4378
Safelink lightning protector.

Voltage Regulators

Miniature voltage regulator tubes
CV2213, M8190 = CV4066
VS70 (B4, Ne-filled)
S130/P, VS110 (B4, Ar-filled)
B7G 2-electrode (85A2, 108C1 = 0B2, 150B2, 150C2 = 0A2)
  B7G 3-electrode (150B3, G400-1K)
VR105 = OC3 = VT200 = 105S5-30 (Octal)
  Loctal (G180-2M = CV395 = QS150-45)


  Bargraph tubes. Russian IN13.
  Geiger Müller tubes
Ionising the gas in filament lamps, barretters, and other sealed glass bulbs .
  Luminous Quartz Resonators.

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The Singing Arc. William Duddell 1899.
The use of negative resistance to create oscillations.

The Neon and Argon Lamp
(thanks to Peter Jameson for this link).

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