Glow discharge tubes and spark gaps

Introduction Overview, Paschen's Law,
types of tube, operating characteristics.

Spectroscopy Using a UV-Visible-IR spectrometer to examine the light from gas discharge tubes

Positive Column Light Sources & Accessories

Glow start Hg vapour lamps

Glow switches (bimetallic starter and bypass tubes)
+ some notes on electronic FL starters.

'Cold cathode' sign tubes ('neon' signs).

Siemens Sieray Hg lamp

Siemens Sieray Hg lamp
Hanovia HomeSun Hanovia Home Sun
Harmful fused silica UV 'Sun' lamp.
Sodium Lamps LP-Na SOX and HP-Na SON

Xe tube

Xenon-arc flash tubes and quench tubes .
Spectrum tubes Spectrum tubes
The Art of Discharge Tube Making,
by Peter Jameson

Cathode Glow Light Sources

Gas-filled glow lamps (cathode-glow lamps)

XL601 hollow cathode glow modulator

Unstable cathode-glow and the flickering flame-effect neon

Strobotrons, Thyratrons, T/R switches, spark gaps

Neon Strobotrons, NSP1, NSP2 = CV2296

Cold cathode Thyratrons, XC11 = CV2257 , G240/2D = CV2174.
  Raytheon RX232 trigger tube
  Triggered spark gap

24B9 Trigatron
  Radar T/R cells

Safelink lightning protector .

Voltage Regulators

Miniature voltage regulator tubes
CV2213, M8190 = CV4066

VS70 (B4, Neon-filled)

S130/P, VS110 (B4 Argon-filled)

B7G 2-electrode (85A2, 108C1 = 0B2, 150B2, 150C2 = 0A2)
  B7G 3-electrode (150B3, G400-1K)

VR105 = OC3 = VT200 = 105S5-30 (Octal)
  Loctal (G180-2M = CV395 = QS150-45)

  Bargraph tubes. Russian IN13.
Ionising the gas in filament lamps, barretters, and other sealed glass bulbs .

See also
Counting tubes - bulk gas discharge using RF excitation .
Counting tubes and Nixie tubes (general).
Inductor resonance and self-resonance experiments .
Luminous Quartz Resonators .
Vacuum Capacitors .
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