Evacuatable Discharge Tubes


1) When adapting between different sizes of Viton (FKM) tubing, the metal reducers available tend to be bright-zinc plated (BZP), even if the seller says that they are not. Zinc is unsuitable for hgh-vacuum systems. Stainless steel is one of the best choices; but if BZP is all that is available, the plating can be removed by soaking the item in strong citric acid solution for about ½ hour. A light coating of vacuum grease will then prevent the adapter from rusting.


Rank Cintel Discharge Tube (Pohl Type). Lampes-et-tubes.org.

NTL Vacuum Discharge Tube (Pohl Type) DE453-3R .

IPC Irwin - Educational Lab Equipment Supplier and UK agent for NTL.
(Pohl Tube is a special order item).

Select School Supplies - Single-Stage Vacuum Pump (0.15 Torr).