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Inductors and Transformers

Inductance calculation .
Solenoids; Methods and utilities; Online references - Maxwell, Nagaoka, NBS, etc.; Links.

Inductor losses and Q .
Solenoid impedance and Q. Optimising Q. Bibliography and online refs.

Inductor self-resonance and self-capacitance

 Parallel resonance indicated using a neon tube

Variable Inductors.

Transformers and other inductively-coupled devices

Inductors with magnetic cores. <early draft>

Induction coil

Web Links
Finite Element Method Magnetics, free fiinite element analysis program by Dr David Meeker (thanks to Dr Duncan Cadd, G0UTY, for the link)

Inductance and loss modelling articles by Alan Payne G3RBJ.

Andy Cowley (29th March 1948 - 23rd April 2012, sadly missed) for helpful discussions and for assisting me with references and donations of laboratory equipment.
Rodger Rosenbaum for reference materials, critical review, and contributions to be found in the documents above.
Bob Weaver for reference materials and contributions, particularly in the discussion of computational methods and for writing an making available many useful functions and algorithms.
Dr Mark Kennedy for interesting discussions, critical review, and documents (such as those relating to induction heating) that I would not otherwise have studied.
Dr Richard Craven, for introducing me to the work of Peter Vizmuller (inventor of the folded helical resonator). See R M Craven, PhD 2014.

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