Demodulators and signal rectifiers

Diode detectors for RF measurement .
   Diode rectifier circuits. Linearisation schemes. Diode data.

Linear high-frequency AC Voltmeter and AM Detector.
    The complementary follower detector. A precision rectifier using 4 transistors.

Hi-fi detector for AM Broadcast, By Robert Batey.
   High quality AM receivers using an updated version of the complementary follower detector.

AM precision audio detector, by Patrick Turner (Turner Audio).
   Low distortion AM detector using the complementary follower principle.

Ultrasonic receivers. Detectaids 900 series (1981, 1987).
   First application of the complementary follower detector .

TBA120 Series FM Demodulator ICs.
   Quadrature coincidence FM detectors.

Web links

Ben Toungue. Crystal radio set design and other topics.
Ben Tongue sadly died on 4th July 2015, aged 90.  His website domain is now defunct, but the site can be viewed using the Internet Archive Wayback machine.  The last valid snapshot is from 18th May 2017:

Branley Coherer (ca. 1901).
This item is in the collection of the Porthcurno Telegraph Museum (Museum of Global Communications). Unfortunately, information about specific items in the collection and what can be seen on visiting the Museum no longer appears on the website.
    An Acetylene Spectrum Tube, also in the Porthcurno collection (catalogued as a 'Crookes Tube'), can be seen on the Spectrum Tubes page of this website.

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