Photographs by Dave Knight

Cuttlefish swimming, UK.
Cuttlefish swimming, Chesil Beach, UK.

Cuttlefish mating.
Cuttlefish mating. Babbacombe, Devon, UK. The nearest animals have started to suppress their zebra stripes in response to the proximity of the photographer. The animals can change body patterns in less than a second.

Cuttlefish showing siphon.
Cuttlefish, showing siphon. Babbacombe, Devon, UK.

Cuttlefish in sand.
Cuttlefish hiding in sand, Lanzarote. Natural light at about 4m depth. 48 bits/pixel data colour-corrected using Photoshop. R93E11-32

Cuttlefish eye.
Cuttlefish eye, same animal as above. Natural light (hence the restricted depth of field) at 4m below surface. 48 bit data colour-corrected using Photoshop. Natural light was used because the strobe battery had gone flat, but it is doubtful that the animal would have permitted such proximity had flash been fired at it during the approach. The patent zebra stripes on the body indicate that it is not stressed. R93E11-36

Cuttlefish camouflaged.
Cuttlefish camouflaged, Lanzarote. Flash illumination. This is what a cuttlefish looks like when it does not want to be seen. The animal did not like the photographer hovering directly above it. Suppression of sexual display stripes takes place in less than one second. R93E08-13

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