Photography & Optics
(general and underwater)

For operational reasons, the Cameras Underwater photography and optics archive is no longer accessible from the commercial website. It will be moved here, but the operation has a low priority. If you are looking for a particular article, contact me and I will make it available.


Finding the focal point of a dome port
Dome port calculations (open document spreadsheet): dp_calcs.ods (requires OpenOffice).

Web links:
Kaye & Laby online (see particularly section 2.5 Radiation and Optics).
Jenkins & White. Fundamentals of Optics.
Scubageek.com .


Photoflash fundamentals
Flash tubes .
Mullard flash tube advertisement (1951).
TTL flash interface connections (2004).

Web links:
Sam's strobe FAQ .

Photographs (general and underwater).



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