Flash Tubes and Quench Tubes

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FA7S/1. Photo © Andy Cowley 2005

FA7S/1.  Photo © Andy Cowley 2005
Mazda FA7S/1
Dual flash tube with common top triggering electrode and 4-pin base.
Outer glass enclosure is open to the air via a hole in the base.

Photographs left:
© Andy Cowley 2005.

Xe Tube. Photo © Andy Cowley 2005
Flash tube mounted on a 14-pin CRT base.
Possibly experimental or home made.
Outer glass tube is not sealed. Enclosure once held 2 tubes.

© Andy Cowley
M1EBV, 2005.

Mullard Flash Tubes 1951
Mullard Flash Tubes
Advert from 1951
Gives short-form specs for
LSD2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9.



Discharge Tubes


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