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Sieg SX2P Hi-Torque vertical mill

Under construction

> Z-axis mods

Web links
Arc Eurotrade. Sieg machine tools and general machine tool accessories. Fixed column version of the SX2P.
Axminster Tools. Sieg machine tools, 'Axminster' brand. General machine tools and accessories.
Little Machine Shop. Air spring conversion kit. LMS refers to the SX2P as the 'HiTorque Mini Mill'. Model 3990 has a fixed column and an air spring conversion. Model 3900 has a tilting column and a torsion-spring counterbalance. Note that the airspring on the 3990 is attached to the side of the spindle base (z axis carriage, #121) - see the user guide.
Model engine maker. SX2P Z axis mod, nicely done, but no rack replacement.
Mini-Lathe.com. Air spring conversion on the SX2 done using the X2 conversion kit. This required making of a U-bracket to attach the vertical rod to the belt housing. The machine is an early version with a metal belt housing. Later machines have a flimsy plastic belt housing, not secured at the back. Attaching the z-axis counterbalance to this is not a good iea. (LMS Hi-Torque convertion kit now exists, see above. It bolts through the belt housing to the spindle base). See also SX2 review.
Macpod. Arduino-based tachometer kit for the SX2 mini mill. Also shows how to get motor reversal.

Chuck guard
The sieg SX2P is supplied with a chuck guard, even though it is absent from all photographs of my machine. It has no hinge and is secured by two Allen-head M6 screws. The only way to change or adjust tools is to remove it, and it is delicate and fiddly to fit. It seems to have been designed for fitting only during Health & Safety inspections.
     Personally, while I am strongly in favour of safe working practices, the drill chuck guard is a device that seems to serve no purpose. Hand-held drills do not have one. Swarf and chips tend to be ejected at right angles to the cutter axis at the point where the cutter meets the workpiece. The chuck doesn't eject anything.
    For general safety, always wear eye protection. If you are wearing loose clothing, go home and dress appropriately. If you have long hair, wear a hair net. If you are wearing a tie, go back to your office and stop bothering the people in the machine shop.

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