A 5 Valve Battery Portable

Battery Portable Radio

Does anyone know who made this or what the model was called?

The valve line up as fitted, from aerial to speaker, is PM1HL, 210HL, 215P, 210HL, and an unmarked output triode. I have no idea if this is correct or not.

The box is a leather giant attache case, about the same shape and size as a wind up gramophone. The internal panels appear to be a form of Paxolin (phenolic-resin-bonded paper) with an immitation wood grain pattern. The valve bases are formed in one of these sheeets with a primitive PCB carrying the filament supply on two brass strips. The sockets are 'eyeleted' onto the board.

I have found [websites showing] some similar sets: A Burndept set from 1930; A Rolls set from c. 1928.
[ links to those references have disappeared since 2005 - DWK ]

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