A 5 Valve Battery Portable

Battery Portable Radio

Does anyone know who made this or what the model was called? [yes - see below].

The valve line up as fitted, from aerial to speaker, is PM1HL, 210HL, 215P, 210HL, and an unmarked output triode. I have no idea if this is correct or not.

The box is a leather giant attache case, about the same shape and size as a wind up gramophone. The internal panels appear to be a form of Paxolin (phenolic-resin-bonded paper) with an immitation wood grain pattern. The valve bases are formed in one of these sheeets with a primitive PCB carrying the filament supply on two brass strips. The sockets are 'eyeleted' onto the board.

I have found [websites showing] some similar sets: A Burndept set from 1930; A Rolls set from c. 1928.

[ links to those references have disappeared since 2005 - DWK ]

[ A link sent by Rod Thompson M0LXY on 9th Sept 2021 identifies the receiver as an Aeonic (AER) Suitcase 5:
Radiomuseum.org - The Blenheim Suitcase V.
(Various fretwork patterns were used for the speaker grille). ]
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