Tungsram Radio Valves

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This Tungsram Radio valves leaflet is probably from the middle 1930's. It contains a wide variety of data on directly and indirectly heated mains and battery valves. Some of the early types of Tungsram valves are not present, e.g. the R208, but several pentagrids and double diodes, with and without triodes, which all appeared in the middle 30s, are included. There are no characteristic curves but tabulated characteristics and tables of equivalents are given. The valve illustrated opposite and below is of the 'new Tungsram dome shape' and includes A.C. Cossor's mica-bridge electrode support technology. Several U.S equivalent types are included.

Tungsram were importers of European valves, mainly from Hungary where the parent company was based, and were not members of the B.V.A. Their valves were somewhat cheaper than the British made equivalents.

Article on AC/DC set conversion.
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