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British Thompson-Houston B5 Dull Emitter Triode

British Thompson-Houston B5 Triode British Thompson-Houston B5 Triode
British Thompson-Houston B5 Triode
Data Curves

This valve was first produced along with the B2, 3, 4, 4H, and 5H in 1923. The bakelite based example is possibly later than that. Nickel based examples are known, the second valve may also be a B5. There are no discernable markings but the construction, apart from the base, appears identical. Other BTH B-series valves seen have very different envelope shapes. Anode voltage, presumably for detection is given as 20-80.

British Thompson-Houston (BTH) was founded by the U.S. firm American Electric to manufacture lamp bulbs in the U.K. They commenced making 'R' type valves in 1916. After the war they were among the first to manufacture domestic receivers, before there were any broadcast programmes. They owned the 'MAZDA' trade mark from 1911, although their early vaves were trademarked 'BTH'. BTH acquired Edison-Swann in 1928 and was itself merged with Metrovick to form AEI in the same year.

This curves ar right were extracted from "A First Course in Wireless" by Robert W. Hutchinson, University Tutorial Press, 1926., p. 150. This data was probably acquired by measurement of samples rather than from manufacturers published data.

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