Valve Boxes

Here are pictures of AJC's collection of valve boxes. The boxes have graphic designs that reflect the commercial art of the periods from which they originate. There are also a few pictures of electronic component boxes (accessible at the end of the alphabetical list).
     Note incidentally, that Andy started this picture collection (sometime in or before 2002) by placing boxes on a flatbed scanner, but later abandoned that approach in favour of perspective (3D) views. I have included the original 2D pictures as the last item in the list below.

DWK Sept. 2013.

Amperex Box Zaerix Box
Alphabetical Gallery

[Almost] everything is here
P1 Box
Pre WWII Gallery

the older boxes
U.S. Makers

American Imports
Telefunken Box
European Makers

both west and east
Zaerix Box
British Valve reboxers

cheap valves
Own Equipment Manufacturers

spares for products
Mullard Box Philips Box
The Philips Group

biggest european maker
Cossor Box

A.C. Cossor

"the first valve maker"

2D Box
2D images of
valve boxes

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