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Time Exposure .

Tar Barrels .
The November 5th activities of Ottery St Mary.

The Maldive Islands .

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Lomo Crab

Baros photomontage
Montage of photographs taken around the Maldive island of Baros 1989 - 1990. In the above water part, Jenny is putting on her diving mask before joining me on the gehause reef.

Note that most of my underwater photographs were taken on film.  When digital UW photography began, I spent most of my time in a swimming pool testing cameras and lenses, and didn't get much chance to go out into the sea.
Algae .
Coral .
Crab .
Cuttlefish .
Fish .
Moray eel .
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Octopus .
People .
UW scenery .
Shipwreck .
Swimming Pool .
Tube worm .
UW photos by Jenny Rosenfeld .


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