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Due to the changing nature of online business, the photography and optics articles I wrote some years ago are no longer hosted on the Cameras Underwater website.  To avoid the complete disappearance of the information from public view, the articles have been moved here. The associated content was mostly produced by me (David Knight), and in that case, the copyright remains with me; so please contact me if you are looking for permissions.

One reason for moving the articles is that they are no longer up-to-date.  I had to retire in 2011, due to the need for a replacement heart-valve, and ceased to carry out maintenance work or add new information to the company websites at that point.  That created a problem with regard to the info articles, for which the easiest solution would have been that they should simply vanish. They do however, represent a large amount of work on my part, and while the available equipment might have changed, the laws of physics haven't.  Also, some of the articles that have become out-of-date are nevertheless of general and historical interest.  I was therefore reluctant to let them die; so I have rescued them, edited them to get rid of anything totally useless or incorrect, updated them in some places, and given them a new home.  

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