6L6 variants

The 6L6 was first made as a metal version, similar in appearance to the 1614 below, which was quickly followed by a glass version. Later the tubular GT style bulb was used. The GA, GB, WGA and WGB versions are all in GT envelopes and are little different from the original.

Slighly more rugged and higher dissipation versions include the 5932, 5881 and 1614. The final variant was the 6L6GC with dissipation increased to 30 watts.

The 5932 shown is a double valve. It has two smaller assemblies connected in parallel in the same envelope. Not all 5932's are made like this.

The 6L6 was the mainstay of the larger Fender amps. The 6L6 is very rugged and even the early ones could withstand plate voltages of over 450 volts, well in excess of the manufacturers maximum.

6L6GA6l6GA 6L6GB 6L6WGB 5932

5881 6L6GC 1614

Characteristics of Variants

Type Anode Dissipation (Watts) Gm (mA/V) Rp (Ohms) Max Plate Volts Typical P-P load for guitar (ohms)




19 5.5 33k 360 4k -6k
5932 21 6 22.5k 400 4k -6k
5881 23 5.2 48k 360 4k - 6k
1614 25 - - 450 4k -6k
6L6GC 30 5.2 33k 500 4k -6k

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