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Valve Data

World IconTDSL
Duncan Munro's TDSL (Tube Data Sheet Locator) is by far the best source of valve data on the internet. This search engine provides direct links to valve data on many of the other sites listed here. Also take a look at Duncan's site which has a lot of other interesting stuff.
World IconFrank Philipse's Electron tube Pages
A huge collection of valve data sheets. Much referenced by TDSL
World IconFranz Hamberger's Tubes and Valves Online Database
Lots of short data on valves. Good references to manufacturers.

Valve Pictures

World IconUdo Radtke's Amazing Valve Collection
A really huge collection of valves, arranged by country of origin. Many examples of rare early types. English and German versions are present but the German is more complete but still under construction.
World IconThe National Valve Museum
Lots of pictures and articles about British valves from the earliest to the most modern.
World IconAke Holm's Tube Pages
Lots of valve pictures, arranged by valve function. His homepage has an annoying pop-up, so this is a direct link to the valves.
World IconThe Virtual Valve Museum
A collection of valve pictures arranged by valve function. An emphasis on transmitting and industrial valves, but not to the exclusion of others.
World IconThe German Valve Museum
(English version) The English version is not yet complete. The German version, accessible from the linked page is more complete. Mostly Continental European valves, many modern. Contains a useful search by category.
World IconLorne's Vintage Wireless Museum
A collection of old valves at the bottom of the page.
World IconBill Condon's Vintage Tube Site
A large collection of mostly American tubes. Many are illustrated with their original boxes.
World IconH.T. Schmidt's Site
A collection of old and newer valves. An interesting section on Leiben valves. (in German)
World IconO'Neill's Electronic Museum
American tubes. Also Geisler, Crookes tubes, radios and test equipment.
World IconHistoric early French valves
A nicely illustrated page of early French valves. (in French)
World IconValve Types, Development and History
A history of valves with a French emphasis, arranged by date. (in French)
World IconMike's Electric Stuff - Old Valves
A page of old valves. See also the main Mike's Electric Stuff pages for lots of other stuff including Crookes/Geisler tubes, Nixies, Tesla coils etc. etc.
World IconMike Schultz's Old Tubes
Mostly American, arranged by date.
World IconPauls-Roehren Roehren, Radios, Verstaerker und anderer Krams
Valves arranged by function, beautifully photographed. (in German)
World IconJohn Pinner's PX4 site
A visualy very appealing site devoted to a single valve - the PX4, a directly heated power triode beloved of single ended triode amplifier enthusiasts. A nice chronological gallery of this long lived type is included.

Valve Boxes

World IconAke Holm's Tube Boxes
A huge collection of over 200 mostly European boxes.
World IconUdo Radtke's Tube Boxes
A high quality collection of very old, mostly European boxes.
World IconJon Stanley's Tube Box Art
80 mostly American boxes.
World IconMike Schultz's Reverse Time Tube Boxes
A good collection of old American boxes.
World IconTales From The Tone Lounge; Vintage Tube Boxes
A nice collection with lots of interesting commentary
World IconJim Watson's Tube Box and Advertising Gallery
Nearly 40 old American tube boxes
World IconTube Box Art - Phil's Old Radios
20 old American Boxes
World IconoLD tUBE bOxES!
Quite a good collection but not easy to browse. Needs thumbnails. Some good links. Directly scanned same size images. A European bias.
World IconJohn Jenkins's Spark Museum - Valves
Nearly 20 very old mostly British boxes. Shame about the small images though.
World IconOld Tube Radio Archives / Tube Manufacturer's Box Art
[ Andy's original link now defunct. Couldn't find the info to which he referred. - DWK ]

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