Photographs by David Knight

Oriental Sweetlips, Plectorynchus Orientalis, with Cleaner Wrasse. Maldives. R89H05-32
Remember the old song: "Put your Sweetlips a little closer to the phone."

Oriental Sweetlips*, Plectorynchus Orientalis, Maldives. R89H05-33
* Also known as a 'Striped Grunt'.

Maldives. R90H05-18

Jenny feeding fish with toast. Baros, Maldives. Natural Light, 10m depth. R89H05-05

Blenny, Lanzarote. R93E04-05

Blenny, Lanzarote (r16e31).
Nikonos V with W-Nikkor 35mm f/2.5 lens. Radial correction for chromatic aberration. Panorama Tools correction coefficient d (initial relative magnification) R=0.9987, G=1, B=1.004. Kodachrome 64 film. Sea & Sea YS50TTLN flash.

Small scorpion fish, Lanzarote (r02e17)

Red Mullett (Mullus surmuletus), daytime colouring. Lanzarote (r03e06).

Weaver fish. Lanzarote (r03e04)

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