G3YNH info

Radio Theory and Practice.
For books and papers, see: Electromagnetics Links Page .
Serge Stroobandt ON4AA. Radio and EM propagation.
ARRL Periodicals QST, QEX, Ham Radio, Communications Quarterly (CQ) can be purchased on CD ROM from ARRL.org.

Vintage Radio and Electronics.
 Porthcurno Telegraph Museum .
Radiomuseum.org  .
 New York's Broadcasting History .
Skywaves (Al Klase N3FRQ - Radio articles, including RA17)
Mike's Electric Stuff .
Alternator, Arc and Spark. Dr Duncan Cadd G0UTY.
Sphere Research Test Equipment Site (Nixies, CRTs, useful links for vintage electronics enthusiasts).
Shirehampton ARC, Paraset by Colin Chodgey G3YHV.

Vintage RACAL.
Keith's vintage RACAL enthusiast's site.
IJL (OH5HOI) Technical Pages (RA117 full manual etc.)

RF Measurement.
SDR Kits - DG8SAQ VNA3 etc.
N2PK (Paul Kiciak), Radio Projects Page: Vector Network Analyzer.
mRS (mini Radio Solutions): mini VNA.

Engineered Composites Ltd: Fibreglass (GRP) poles etc.
Amidon Associates: Ferrite components. W2FMI Books.
M0WWA: RF transformer cores and circuit modules.
Wires.co.uk. Wires tapes and foils.
Golledge (Filters & Xtals).
Vine Antenna Products INRAD filters for Kenwood and other transceivers.
Donberg Electronics (current and replacement electronic parts)
Mouser Electronics .
Communication Concepts (HF Power amplifier and LPF kits, RF Power transistors)
Shor International (Solders, tools, machinery))

Manuals and Equipment Info..
Collins Collectors Association.
Mauritron Technical Services: UK commercial source for service manuals.
MFJ Enterprises website (Manuals and other docs are available for download)
SGC Web Site. (Manuals and other docs are available for download)

OpenOffice.org (free office suite including spreadsheet and equation editor).
OpenOffice Basic Programming guide .
StarOffice Basic Programming guide (precursor to OO Basic)
Linear Technology (LTspice / SwitcherCAD. Free general-purpose SPICE simulator with heirarchical schematic capture and hundreds of models for LT products. Runs under Windows® or wine).
4nec2 NEC-based antenna modeler and optimizer (free NEC modelling).
4nec2 forum .
EZNEC Antenna modeling program (not free).
Finite Element Method Magnetics, free finite element analysis program by Dr David Meeker (thanks to Dr Duncan Cadd, G0UTY, for the link)