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David Knight has been involved with numerous electronic, radio, scientific instrumentation and data analysis projects during his career; including the setting-up of EMC testing laboratories, the design of antenna systems for cordless telephones, and the design of equipment used in the field of high-resolution spectroscopy. He was awarded a PhD in microwave spectroscopy at Bristol University in 1986, and after a research fellowship at the Daresbury Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, worked as a lecturer at Bristol Polytechnic (now UWE), for several years. He is retired but remains a Director of Cameras Underwater Ltd., and lives near the town of Ottery St Mary, Devon, UK. He holds the amateur radio callsign G3YNH (issued in 1968).


1) This is not specifically an amateur radio website, although it does cover subjects of interest to radio amateurs. The reason for using my callsign in the URL is that, while there are about 1014 David Knights in the world, there is only one G3YNH.

2) I do not sell radio equipment or electronic parts and I have no commercial interests in these areas.

The Cameras Underwater Info articles

For operational reasons, the Cameras Underwater photography and optics articles are no longer accessible from the commercial website, and the camerasunderwater.info domain has been redirected to the main website (.co.uk). The articles are in the process of being moved here; but this requires a considerable amount of editing and will take some time. If you are looking for an article that has yet to be transferred, contact me and I will make it available.  The articles are mostly written by me, and in that case, the copyright reverts to me; so please also contact me if you are looking for permissions.

One reason for moving the articles is that they are no longer strictly commercially relevant.  I was forced to retire in 2011, due to serious illness, and ceased to carry out maintenance work or add new information to the company websites at that point.  This created a presentational problem for the info articles, for which the easiest solution would have been that they should simply disappear. They do however, represent a huge amount of work on my part, and while the available equipment might have changed, the laws of physics haven't.  Also, some of the articles that have become out-of-date are nevertheless of historical interest.  I am therefore reluctant to let them die; so I have rescued them, edited them to get rid of anything totally useless, and given them a new home.  

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