Racal RA17 and Related Equipment.

Digital Frequency Readout and All-Mode Adapter for the Racal RA17.
Part 1: Introduction, Overview, Block diagram.
Part 2: Demodulators and audio stages.
Part 3: VFO input, 1MHz reference input, and CIO.
Part 4: Digital frequency readout.
Part 5: Power supply, Construction, Improvements.

RA17 Adapters - Further Design considerations.
Part 1: Conversion schemes.
Part 2: Working Specifications.
Part 3: System control.

Racal RA17 C18.
Racal RA17L.
Low Frequency Adapters: Racal RA37 and RA137.
Valves for the Racal RA17 and RA117 series H.F. Receivers. (By Andy Cowley)
Valve equivalents; for the RA17 and related equipment. (CV List)

Useful Links:
Keith's vintage RACAL enthusiast's site.
IJL (OH5HOI) Technical Pages (RA117 full manual etc.)
Skywaves (Al Klase N3FRQ - Radio articles, including RA17 - see 'Communication Receivers')

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